Disney Princesses Living as College Students

Hallie Cantor and Paul Westover, of College Humor, re-imagine what several Disney Princesses would look like as college students.

Minerva would do anything to get good grades!

Minerva, sketchy dealer, pills, check, parents, disney princess, college student

Arielle considers dropping an elective, just to see the boy she likes more often. Maybe, she’ll get to tutor him?

Arielle, Disney princess, college student

Aurora knows better than to take anything where “attendance is part of your grade.”

aurora, sleeping, class, college student, disney princess

Rapunzel understands feeling “trapped” during Finals Week.

Rapunzel, disney Princess, college student

Tiana knows that an effective “walk of shame” starts in Silent Mode.

Tiana, Disney princess, college student

Mulan is always ready for theme-parties!

Mulan, Disney princess, college student

Cinderella knows that the worst part of hosting a house party is the CLEAN UP!

Cinderella, Disney Princess, college student


Images via: College Humor

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