Dolphy Day – Lemoyne’s Spring Fling w/ @AlphaBetaPiff | Day Parties & Day Drinking

Dolphy Day Lemoyne

Dolphy Day is Lemoyne College’s version of spring fling. There are people drinking on the quad, smoking weed and just going crazy. It is probably one of the most fun events you will ever experiencein Syracuse. This year FiestaFrog and @AlphaBetaPiff teamed up to have fun on Dolphy Day. Shout outs to the whole @AlphaBetaPiff team , ” Puff Puff Passsssss”.

It all starts with the wizard tradition. The wizard is the person who jumps starts the festivities and spontaneously decides what day it should be on. No one knows who the wizard is except him/her, becausehe/shewas given the role by the wizard the year before. ( I am saying “he/she” because there has been one female wizard in Dolphy Day history, Lena Adely ’06) The wizard keeps this secret until the day he or she decides he wants to let everyone know, the school is notified and the torches are lit. That day is Dolphy Day . Here is a link to all the wizards in Dolphy Day history!The students receive an email late at night thatthe
classes will be cancelled the next day. Totally spontanious! This year it happened on a Sunday. After receiving the email, all the students try to load up on as much alcohol as they can to start drinking out on the quad at 2am and start getting drunk for the day event that starts at 11am. The party then starts!!From 2am -6pm everyone is drinking, dancing and just doing what you would see at any crazy house party, except this all takes place outdoors. Dolphy Day will expose you to the experience you would only see in college movies. Dolphy Day is what I thought college was supposed to be like when I was applying to them in high school. It is energetic, fun and crazy. It is the closest thing that I have seen to Project X in a minute. Watch the video, and you will see what im talking about.

In all honesty, if you sign up on , you will find out about these parties. It was totally spontaneous, so checking FiestaFrog daily will get you into these type of parties.