Proper Dorm Bathroom Etiquette | #DormRules

Proper Dorm Bathroom Etiquette

Okay, let’s be honest here: transitioning from your bathroom at home to a communal bathroom in a dorm is not easy. You feel nasty just walking in there, especially if it smells, or if the entire floor is soaking wet. Here are a couple tips to keep your bathroom and floor mates happy!

  • Don’t fuck up the shower rotation. Everyone wants to wash off after a long day, and if you’re that person who takes a 45 min shower and uses up all the hot water, people will NOT be pleased. Try to keep your showers short to geteveryonein & out as quick as possible.

  • Keep all your stuff together. This is mostly for the ladies, since most guys don’t have nearly as many toiletries as we do. Try to keep all your bottles/washcloths/etc. in your shower caddy, instead of spread all over the bathroom. Be sure to get all your belongings out of the shower before you leave, as well.

  • If you make it smell, FIX IT. It’s going to happen, you’re going to be the person who has a bean burrito for lunch and after you leave the bathroom, it reeks. Do the nice thing and spray some Frebreze or something in there, your floor mates will thank you!
  • The bathroom isn’t soundproof. For some reason, people like to think the bathroom is the place they can be the loudest. False! The bathroom’s walls are just as thin as your dorm’s. If it’s 2 am on a Wednesday night, don’t go thinking the bathroom is your party sanctuary.
  • “If you’re gonna spew, spew in this…” [+100 points to anyone who gets the reference, btw] If you come back from a party and you feel like you’re gonna puke, AIM FOR THE TOILET. I don’t think anything will piss off your entire floor more than puke on the floor. Even puking in the garbage can is kind of gross and difficult to clean up, so try to get to the toilet stat.
  • Just don’t be an idiot. Someone in my dorm this summer left a piece of fruit in the sink…for a week. Then someone drew a smiley face in toothpaste on the mirror. Really? How fucking old are you people?! If you make a mess you wouldn’t wanna clean up yourself, just don’t do it. We have to share the bathrooms and nobody wants to deal with your filth because you’re being a douchebag.

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