Dorm Room Beer Brew Kits | Now you can Start Brewing Beer in your Dorm | Beer Pong and Alcohol

Wow , now this is sick! You can now start brewing beer and learning how to brew beer in your dorm room with stuff you can find anywhere, all you need is this kit. You can now definitely make yourownbeer! Are you under 21? Who the fuck cares! You can now brew beer in your parent’s house in secrecy or just brew it in your dorm room. Honestly, this is the sickest invention since the internet! Just imagine not having to go outside to buy beer but instead brewing your own beer withmadalcohol in it, and then playing beer pong with it. If you brew beer, people can start buying beer off you instead of going to the store and getting ID checked.

If you want the kit and instructions , just click on the link or picture below and you can buy your kit. They are getting sold mad quick , so buy them up. Buy them up and sell them around the dorm. Just get these things before they run out. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!


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