The Do’s And Don’ts Of Snapchat

Snapchat Do's and Don't Fiesta Frog
Snapchat is the not-so-new app sweeping the smart phone demographic. This app has up to 10 seconds of real-time picture (and now video). With this “new” chatting freedom comes a lot of responsibilitiesthattheaveragesocial media klutz may not consider. To help simplify things for you, we’ve put together a quick list of guidelines that you should follow, if and when you become a Snapchat user. Check out the list below! Agree/disagree with them, we hope you snapchat to your heart’s content.

Snapchat Do’s And Don’ts

Snapchat Do’s

Do send a snapchat of your pets doing cute pet things like sleeping and eating. It’scuteand I’d much rather look at your pets for 10 seconds thanyourface.Do send snapchats of your most unattractive, funny, I-would-never-send-this-to-my-significant-other faces. These are my favorite snapchats, so keep ’em comin’.Do utilize the snapchat drawing tool to paint dicks on your face or the unsuspecting face of your sleeping friend. I don’t know why, but this will never get old.

Do send snapchats of your parents doing embarrassing things. Thanks for taking one for the team, parents.

Do send a snapchat video of your grandmother singing the new Miley Cyrus song in the car.

Snapchat Don’ts

Don’t send a snapchat of your food. Same goes for pictures of food on Instagram. I will never understand it. Your oatmeal lookslikeapile

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