Down Time: Does it Exist in College?

relax, downtime, collegeThere is so much to do and explore in this age we live in today. We are so invested in technology that it can consume a majority of our time. From iPhones to HD cameras; there is certainly something on the market to entertain you.

While you are in college, even more of your time seems to be “consumed.” We undoubtedly live in an era of technology and gadgets. This generation grew up mastering the tech we rely so heavily on. Fortunately (or not so much), the education system has adjusted to our familiarity with modern tech.

Classes now utilize Facebook, twitter and other aspects of the web world. In today’s world, college students have to intertwine downtime with work. Why? Because the world is changing at an exponential rate. If you want to keep up you have to stay current and relevant.

In most fields, work experience is key. School work doesn’t qualify as experience. Gaining insight in your field comes from things such as internships. Although they can provide students with a leg up in the career search, they require your time without financial compensation most of the time. College aged students should never have unproductive summers. The older you get, the less standard breaks and vacations you get. If you want to be successful in this life, you have to be willing work year round.

On a daily basis, there is always work to be done. If you don’t already have a job, you should. College is a time to learn how to be completely independent from your parents; especially financially. Money is a necessity to life. As my grandma always says “A man who doesn’t work, is a man who doesn’t eat.” It is difficult to work part time while being a student, but life is hard. Life isn’t anything if it isn’t a series of difficult decisions. Everyone knows how to live, but college teaches you how to survive.

Between school, work and interning, it appears that you have little time and energy. Well, find more—of both. When it comes to your success, you have to be willing to give everything to it. Volunteer some of your remaining time. This isn’t so much a resum√® builder as it is a character builder. Giving your time (and I know you’ve been doing a lot of that) makes you humble and appreciative. Life is about much more than money— but it certainly helps. Also people, who volunteer, meet prestigious people and appear to be a person of good moral fiber. There truly are things that money can’t buy.