Comedy Videos for the Nintendo and Nickelodeon Generation

There are many comedians we love who began honing their craft in small sketch comedy groups before finally making their way into our comedy clubs, movies, and homes…via television. With the invention of the internet and Youtube, there is a new platform for emerging comics to display their talents without having to “sell out” to find mainstream success. For instance,current SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan, who we’ve seen appear in the popular “Bro Rape” video alongside Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. Both of these dudes broke into the comedy game appearing in videos for Derrick Comedy, an NYU sketch comedy group.Youmay also be familiar with Ellie Kemper from her role as quirky receptionist, Erin from NBC’s “The Office”. I didn’t know she had joined the cast, and almost had a heart attack as I saw “Blowjob girl” trapped inside my television!Well today, I am happy to introduce you to another sketch comedy group whose members will be cranking out the funny for some time, I’m sure. I give you….DR.COOLSEX. This group has mastered, in my opinion, the ability to mash-up cartoon and video game heroes, with today’s live-action filmaking to give sketch comedy an injection on the 90’s (Don’t worry you can trust them, they’re doctors). One of their earlier videos I found running around the internet was a trailer for a live -action “Hey Arnold” movie and my sides still hurt. After searching a little bit of the YouTube you kids are always on, I discovered their take on “Doug” which all I could say about this was “ERMAHGOD DOUG”!

Their Facebook page says everything else you need to know about them, “We make comedy videos for the Nintendo and Nickelodeon generation!

They are back at it again…and this time, IT’S PERSONAL. Well, not really. However, they do a perfect mash-up of the movie Drive, and Super Mario. So, I won’t let my words spoil it. Gorge yourselves on funny:

Chances are you’ll be seeing these guys popping out of your television one of these days. Wait they’re gonna be on TV next week TUESDAY NOVEMBER 13, 2012…I always wanted to do this “Sy-Fy”. Check them out, and don’t forget to leave a like!