New Drinking Game: “Slap Cup” | College Drinking Games

To the hipsters who discovered Slap Cup “way” before I did, congratulations. But for those of you who haven’t, here’s another drinking game to add to your resumé. This game looks way sicker than flipcup,and you should bust it out at the next party you attend.

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If Tits McGee was keeping you from fully understanding the concept of “Slap Cup“, I’ve taken it upon myself to post the rules below. Seeing that I’ve had to watch the video about 4 times now, I’m pretty much a certified referee. Enjoy!

The Rules of Slap Cup


  1. atleast 6 friends (or strangers)
  2. 2 ping pong balls (backups wouldn’t hurt)
  3. 27 Solo Cups
  4. a large table that you can bounce on
  5. at least 11 beers (per game)

Setting Up:

  1. put 25 Solo Cups in the center of the table
  2. fill 24 of those 25 cups with 5 0unces of beer (the second line)
  3. fill the 25th cup with a full beer, and place that cup in the very center of the table
  4. leave the final two cups empty for opening “tip off”

Game Play:

  • Two players standing directly across from each other both grab a ping-pong ball, and place an empty cup in front of them.
  • Now, the two players touch balls (don’t get too excited frat guys) and begin trying to bounce their ball into their designated cup.
  • If you don’t make it in the cup on your first try, keep shooting until you do. After you finally do make it in the cup, you must pass the cup and ball to the person standing to your right.
  • If you do make the cup on your first attempt, you can pass the cup and ball to anyone on the table. (Hint: you want to pass the cup and ball to the person behind the person who’s shooting)
  • Once two shooters are standing directly next to each other (with no one in between them), the showdown begins. If the person standing on the left had side (behind the shooter) bounces the ball into their cup first, then they get to slap their opponents cup off of the table.
  • If your cup gets slapped off of the table, then you must grab a cup from the circle, chug it, and continue trying to bounce the ball into the new cup.
  • The person who slaps the other person’s cup off of the table has to pass the cup and ball to the next person.
  • Continue this process until all of the cups are empty.

Keep in Mind:

  • There has to be two empty cups on the table at all times.
  • In the event of a tie, neither person gets to slap their opponents cup. Just pass that shit to your right.
  • Only if you make the bounce on your first try can you pass the cup and ball to anyone.
  • If you suck at this game, there’s a good chance that you could end up drinking 11 beers. Know your limits, Hauss.

Shout out to Josh Bribb, a.k.a the dude who invented “Slap Cup”

-Keith Morgan