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How To Play Beeramid

Beeeramid How To Play Fiesta Frog

There are only so many times you can play Circle of Death before it becomes a tired, beaten hag. It’s a fun game because it’s quite effective in making the participants really wasted but no one really likes explaining the rules 17 times to people who have heard of the game but never actually played it.

If you are the host of a party or get together, it may be difficult finding an activity to keep everyone entertained. Sometimes entertaining a group of 20+ year olds is like keeping the attention of sugar-rushed toddlers, so here’s some assistance in the form of beeramid— a game consisting of alot of beer and a pyramid (the name is kinda tricky).

<h2class=”MsoNormal” style=”text-align: center”>Requirements For A Game of Beeramid

A deck of playing cards, at least an 18 pack of whatever cheap beer you like and eager adults looking for a good time (the last one isn’t so necessary).

Rules For A Game of Beeramid

A Beeramid —pyramid of cards— is constructed by placing a certain number of cards face down in a row (usually seven) as the base and building up until there is one card as the top of the Beeramid.

The dealer (who becomesa player) distributes out four or more card to each participating individual. The dealer then turns over the first card atthe b

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