Drinking Trick with Pint Glass | College Party Trick

This British guy does this trick in front of his friends with some cider. He looks like dirty as shit, and like he probably hasn’t showered in a month. Either way this trick is cool despite the nastyass guy doing it. He is drinking hard cider though, which even if you are from the UK does not negate the fact that most cider is really fucking sweet. If you happen to be a 90 pound female it’s alright to sip a few of these things, but if your a guy who can drink, stay the fuck away.OnceI made the mistake of drinking a six pack of Woodchuck, I had a few shots of Jameson before hand, but nothing that led me to believe I was in for a fucked up hangover. Needless to say it gave me the worst headache I’ve ever had, it lasted until the following night……. Never again with that shit.


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