Drunk Old Man Impersonates TSA Screener, Fondles Women at SFO Airport

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All you need is: a little confidence, “khaki pants, a blue polo shirt and blue rubber gloves”… At least, that’s all it took for a drunken 53-year old man to infiltrate airport security at San Francisco International Airport! According to SF Gate

“The man, apparently without saying much, steered a woman into one of the private screening booths used to pat down selected passengers, our sources say. What happened inside isn’t  known, because the woman soon disappeared to catch a flight.

A few minutes later, the man directed a second woman toward the booth, our sources say.

His second attempt was MUCH less successful…people seemed to find it strange that a male TSA agent was bringing women into a private room to perform pat down searches, go figure. It’s alarming that a drunk guy passes for a TSA agent, that should tell you how much most people enjoy the experience. That could be their new recruiting slogan, “TSA…a job you can still do drunk.”

All jokes aside, it’s pretty messed up that he was able to infiltrate the ranks of the TSA but it’s even scarier that he was able to pass himself and another passenger through an airport security checkpoint without any of the other agents detecting it.

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