The Drunken States of America Map’s Strangest Facts | #Drinking

Drunken States of America


10 Alchohol Facts That Might Surprise You

North Dakota has the most bars per capita!

Philadelphia Eagles fans are the drunkest NFL Fans.

Tenessee – It is illegal to purchase alchohol in the county where Jack Daniels is distilled.

Hawaii is #1 in people losing or breaking their cell phones while drinking.

Vermont has the most breweries per capita.

In West Virginia, Public bars and saloons are illegal!

California makes more than 90% of the wine in the United States.

39.65 of people in Alabama have drunk-dialed an ex at some point.

New Hampshire (Dartmouth fraternities) is the birthplace of Beer Pong(w/ paddles) during the 1950’s & 60’s.

People in Texas drink margaritas more than any other drink!

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Drunken States of America Map