East Carolina University (ECU) Pirates | Top Party Schools Review

East Carolina University

Greenville, NC

East Carolina University is often overlooked when discussing good schools that know how to party, but there is no denying that the Brody School of medicineisoneof the top medical schools in the United States. When it comes to partying, ECU is a primarily drinking school– the weather is always nice and Greenville is riddled with pubs and nightclubs. The university is pretty strict on i
llegal drugs, but it’s as if the liquor never stops flowing here, although “beer goggles” are far from necessary down here. The girls of ECU are a sight for sore eyes, to the pointthat Pee Dee Pirate probably wishes he could take that eyepatch off. The Halloween celebrations at ECU are supposed to be “a big deal”. We’re talking a Ron Burgundy big deal. The students are also fond of pool parties (pictured above). As sports teams go,
the Men’s Basketball team at ECU is good…kinda. Really, they’re good in the you can watch the games and have fun, but they may/may not come away with the W. You can definitely watch them drunk. The football games are definitely worth tailgating though because–it’s Football, and the team actually throws down. Also, because football, beer, and the South go together like PB&J. So there’s that.

Mascot: Pee Dee Pirate

Party Grade: A

Undergrads: 26,947

Guys: 38%

Girls: 62%

East Carolina University Greek Life: Yes, pretty moderate – it’s not essential to pledge for you to have a good time.

Bars/Hangouts at ECU:

The Cavern

Attic Nightclub

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