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Eastern Kentucky University

Richmond, KY

EKU is an alright place to party, and go to school, if you want a socialize like a high schooler again. Students often find small crews and stick to these packs.Manypeoplearrive at the school with a bunch of people they already know from home…no they don’t all come to campus together, smart ass! The social gatherings can get big, but that’s more about large groups coming together to drink. The sports teams at EKU are…so–so. Don’t expect to have any crazy tailgating stories, but you can count on the Greeks to throw parties. Just remember, free alcohol doesn’talwaysmean that the party will be fun!

Mascot: The Colonel

Party Grade: B

Undergrads: 13,947

Guys: 43%

Girls: 57%

EKU Greek Life: Yes, Greek life is present on campus.

Bars/Hangouts at EKU:


Whiskey Barrel Bar & Dance

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