Fab Melo Ineligiable for the NCAA Tournament

Fab Melo is ineligible for the NCAA tournament. I am pissed as hell! This dude constantly screws the fuck up. If his ineligibility is due to his grades, we have to blame him for going to Marshall Streetand drinking all night. The bar owners should say ” Hey fab, don’t you have homework tonight” and kick him out. He is always at the bars and he is always drinking. If his ineligibility is due to drugs, then he is just an idiot for not getting the detox juice they sell right next to varsity pizza at the head shop.

Fab Melo isanIDIOT and Syracuse can blame him for this years probable sweet 16 curse. For the last 3 years, Syracuse University has lost in the sweet 16. I still believe that Syracuse University can pull through and win the championship, I just think it will be so much harder. Remember Syracuse University’s first loss this season to Notre Dame? That was because Fab Melo wasn’t there….due to ineligibility! This dude needs to stop drinking and he needs to start hitting the books.Fab Melo could have single-handedly ruin the Orange’s team of winning the NCAA championship!fab melo