Facebook Want’s You to “Ask” About Relationship Status Now

Have you seen it yet? I guess that’s a bit vague but I’m talking about Facebook’s new “ASK” button that appears next to your friend’s relationship status! That’s right, the folks at Facebook have rolled out a brand new toy for you to regret playing with after a night of drinking. Yes the “Poke” button was creepy for the person being poked, but waking up the morning after a rough night of partying to find that you’ve “poked” twenty girls that you barely talk to anymore sucks too. “Thank You SUGGESTED POKES!” At least, the ‘Poke” was ambiguous! You could pretend that you hit it by accident.

facebook, ask, button, relationship

The part of this that kills me isn’t, actually, the “Ask” button…it’s option to leave a note! They just trapped you in the cycle. The button prompts: “Hello! I am wondering about your relationship!”

1. Come home drunk.  “I’ve got FB downloaded on my phone; I can creep from the cab!”

2. Find the pages of girls that I think/thought are/were hot. “It doesn’t matter at this point…I’m drunk.”

(Because when you’re drunk your brain tends to forget that you will EVER be sober again! Maybe we shared what I thought was a moment and are now FB friends. To her, she was just holding the elevator and she see’s me regularly enough that it’s weird NOT to accept my request. Besides, it’s just FB.)

3. Hit the “Ask” button. I’m interested in a answer RIGHT NOW, but only if I don’t fall asleep first.

4. You see the “Include a note…” suggestion.  Like an old friend FB eggs you on to make the decision worse. Go ahead, it’s okay…tell her why you’re asking about her relationship status at 2:49 on a Saturday morning. I’m sure she has NO IDEA!!


On the positive side, it might help you clean up your buddylist!

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