Falls Taproom #Pub Review


Falls Taproom – Pub Review

It only took a few tugs from my friend’s shirt to redirect his attention to one of East Falls’s delightful pubs.

The Falls Taproom is located near the most vibrant part of Kelly Drive in Philadelphia, across from Johnny Mañanas, or what I like to call it, that restaurant with the silly chilly pepper on top of the door. Great food, but let’s focus on one pub at a time.

The hostess greeted us with a plefora of beers to choose from. The list seemed never-ending, with an assortments of clever nicknames that captured each brew with the utmost respect.Theyhad a list of everything you can imagine. Ciders, fruit-flavored ales; it was a sight to behold.On a typical Wednesday evening, you can get your Quizzo on with a full house of college students, hipsters and other interesting people. The host was very calm and collective as he read the questions. Almost made me forget I ordered just a few minutes ago.The food you say? Let’s get down to it.

First and foremost, try the sweet potato fries. It made me rethink about the times I used to worship fast food establishments. The hamburgers are very delicious. The menu delivers a variety of meaty tidbits, including Bison, Lamb and Black Bean for the veggies. Each order comes with those tasty fries I mentioned earlier. My friend was all over it, even taking some of mine – yea, to think he wanted Chinese food an hour earlier. We also ordered their homemade Pierogies, which has a hint of Rosemary and Fontina.As mentioned before, the beer list was incredible. With so many to choose from, we had a field day tasting ten bottles. Besides the typical Budweiser, Corona and Yuengling drafts and bottles, there were other beers that were not so popular, but still packed a nice punch. The Anthem Cherry Cider had a sweet cherry flavor that lingers in your throat after the last drop is finished.
The night went pretty quickly; people were laughing, glasses were being filled and the food kept coming. We stayed in the Taproom until midnight, enjoying the last few rounds of Quizzo night. Regardless if you are a drinker or not, this is a place where everyone should at least visit once. Make sure you stop here after your tour in Center City.

You can never go wrong when you enter this establishment. Everything is just right at the Taproom!