Fiesta Frog Launches New Viral Marketing Platform for Event Promoters

Fiesta Frog, the fast-growing nightlife startup, has announced completion of a premium event marketing platform for promoters, event marketers, and bars/clubs to virally market events. This new additiontothe website, will simplify promoting events, for those who use the website for business. They have unveiled three packages, which can be utilized by part-time promoters hoping to extend their social reach via Fiesta Frog’s User network, full-time industry promoters who want a “significant boost” in their ability to reach potential customers, and event marketers, needing to spread word of their events and venues to a local population.

What’s New :

Sponsored Events

Get to the top of thelist of the party feed in your area. Have your events stick out from thousands of events. Have an advantage over the rest of your competitors in the area with more RSVPs, more impressions, and a better chance of your event going viral.


Expanded Zipcode Radius

Free accounts have a smaller zip code radius than paid subscriptions. The better the package, the farther your event reaches! Start reaching thousands of people today by upgrading your account.

High Traffic Blog Feed Placement

Your sponsored events get placed on our high traffic blog, which receives hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly. The premium traffic will guarantee you niche targeted impressions!

Social Media Blaster

Your events will be included in a weekly digest that will be sent out to thousands of our social media followers.

Event PR

Get your name and profile included in a monthly press release that is sent ut to thousands of newspapers, websites, blogs, and other media sources. This will help drive traffic to your Fiesta Frog profile, resulting in more impressions and potential RSVPs! It will also help build traffic for your website.

Benjamin Joseph

Fiesta Frog Inc.