Welcome to The CaveMan’s Man Cave! Take off your pants, let out your gas, and relax. There are three rules, and only three rules, in the Cave!

 Fiesta Frog Presents: The CaveMans Man Cave | Advice, For Men

First off, don’t be a bitch! This one couldn’t be any simpler; don’t bring up your feelings, don’t come seeking advice on where to find that cozy little inn with just the right atmosphere for your first date, and don’t complain to me about anything you might sit in.

Second, and it’s simple, don’t tell your girlfriend everything we talk about. Now I know you probably love your girlfriend, and don’t need to keep anything from her; but not everyone is so lucky, some of us need to dodge danger every once in a while! If you explain any tricks or secrets to your girlfriend, she’ll tell her girlfriend, who’ll tell her girlfriend, and it won’t be long before all the girls know them. Then the rest of us will need new tricks, since it’s apparently “inappropriate” now, to use some good old fashioned club induced amnesia.

The Third </strong>rule, is a little thing civilized society calls, reciprocity. What this means is, you can grab a brew from the fridge, get comfy, drink up; just remember to bring some drinks for me once in a while. Now, that doesn’t mean wine, or pale ales; save your fruity flavored cocktails for Wednesday night watching Bridezilla

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