Finally, Someone Threw A REAL Tribute to Project X | #ProjectP

Meet, James Taylor (21) and Britanny Johnson (20). These two give no fucks, won’t apologize for partying, and I like it!

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The two hosts of the party you might’ve noticed trending WORLDWIDE on Twitter, #ProjectP, that took place a few nights ago in Mecosta County, Michigan. According to pretty much every report that’s come in since Saturday night, over 2,000 people showed up to Taylor’s house for a birthday party they threw for their friend’s 21st birthday. Obviously, as is what happens when a large group of…well, any large group gets really really drunk, some terrible things happened during the party. Like what? Unfortunately, there were drug overdoses, a sexual assault, and the obligatory injuries/property damage. I know, I know, those damn kids they’re SO awful.

The hosts won’t let you blame them for what happened that night. I completely agree with them. In a post-#ProjectP interview, Taylor told FOX17 something that EVERYONE should understand by his age…you’re responsible for your own actions. “I didn’t force anything down anybody’s throat, I didn’t make anybody stay here until 7 A.M. or 11, or whenever it was that everybody left. I didn’t make this kid pass out on my floor.” The funny, thing is that he’s completely right. 

project p, party, michigan, #projectp

What exactly did they do? They threw a party for their friend. A bunch of people showed up, and trashed the guy’s house. That’s his problem. I know your next question, “But what about the underage partiers?” Not to be a dick…what about em? To quote my boy JT (we’re cool like that now) again, If you’re a parent that’s got a 14-year-old child that’s been able to be at my house all night, and according to the police there were a lot of them here, so I think some parents should do some reflections on their parenting before they get mad at me.” BOOM…You just got SERVED! Check you parenting skills son! What’s YOUR kid doing out partying all hours of the night? 

I can’t remember the last time that I saw a movie about high school, or college for that matter, parties where people don’t drink. Varsity Blues, Project X, Easy A, Mean Girls, Dazed and Confused, Animal House, EVEN Revenge of the Nerds. (I didn’t even Google anything yet…) Remember, you don’t typically turn 21 until Junior year of college anyway. Do you know why that is, underage drinking in movies, I mean? Because EVERYONE drinks in high school…okay maybe not everyone in all caps, but a shit ton of teenagers are getting shit faced. Truthfully, the people that don’t drink in high school get made fun of or they don’t drink because no one is inviting them to. Your cool jock, probably gettin’ drunk. Video game nerd? Who are we kidding that’s probably how drinking games started!

The fact of the matter is that the drinking age didn’t change that long ago. Most of the people writing, directing, and producing all of these movies probably drank in high school. So when they put out movies about being in high school the seniors throw parties, 18 year-olds used to be able to drink…because 18 year-olds were once adults. Well, the kind of adults that can drink. Honestly, as a country, we should stop pretending that teenagers don’t drink. The cat’s out of the bag, they know you did it too. You should probably focus on making sure that they aren’t afraid to call for a ride home.

Project X 

Anyway, I just love that these two basically told everyone, straight up, if you have a problem with what your “kid” is doing, you should probably handle that at home. F the haters, they won. They beat ALL of us. They threw the party that anyone that’s wanted to throw a rager was dreaming about…minus all your stuff getting wrecked.

Lemme know when the next party is…I might need a ride to MI.