If there’s one thing college students are familiar with, it is the “house party”. House parties are events where other students, usually upperclassmen, open upmeet women house party How to Find a House Party | House Party & Night Life their houses to throw themed events. Anew party search engine called Fiesta Frog recently launched to help people find parties!

Popular house party themes include; 80′s night, Anything But Clothes(ABC), raves, and black light parties. Usually a nominal fee is charged by the people throwing the house parties. If this is one of your motivations for throwing a party you should consider throwing parties weekly on the same day. This way people get used to the routineofshowing up to your party each week. They will begin to plan going out on that particular night around your party.Getting the word out is important when you throw a house party. The key to this is making sure that you get the word out to the right crowd you want to show up. If you’re throwing a rave you want to make sure the electronic music lovers show up, not people expecting rap or rock.So how do people find house parties in this technology driven age? Social



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