First Rule of a College Party: NEVER Fall Asleep!

Anyone, that has been to a college party, knows the one GOLDEN rule of partying; NEVER FALL ASLEEP. Most people believe that, “if your shoes are off, then you’re safe.” These people couldn’t be more wrong. The truth? No one care what your shoe situation is when they find you sprawled across a couch that doesn’t belong to you, faintly murmuring something about an assignment that you haven’t turned in yet. Let the photos below serve as an example of what your “friends” will do to you, if you don’t exercise some self control and go home when you’ve had too much to drink.

This is how you end up drunk-dialing an ex, but it’s nice to pass out after a long day of work (drinking).

Never fall asleep, party rule












You may end up doing everyone else’s chores. Unfortunately, there were still a few odd jobs to perform. Talk about doing things “in your sleep.”

Iron Sleeping




Someone might feed you terrible food. “Gotta fuel up for the next round of chores. Side Note: Is that poop on a plate?”

Workout Sleep



Too many drinks and you might become a babysitter. “She put up a fight, but a baby is no match for a light-saber. Time for bed!”

Babysitter Sleep


If you wake up in adress,consideryourself lucky. “This Mrs Doubtfire reboot starts out strangely.”

Mrs Doubtfire sleep


Let’s finally play that chess game we talked about! “Is it weird that he isn’t really losing the game?”

Chess game sleep


Could be the perfect start to a music career!

Rockband sleep






Maybe just some tea for a night-cap? Treat yourself, you’ve earned it.

Tea sleep


Don’t Fall asleep at parties! Don’t let this be you!!Images C/o: Jeobox

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