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Top 100 Party Schools List – Fall 2013 List

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Florida State University

Tallahasse, Fl

The nightlife at FSU is second to none, when it comes to partying in Florida. No, Tallahassee isn’t South Beach Miami, but the students more than make up for their location. Dozens of bars and clubs a short walking distance from campus and something for every day of the week. FSU is home to some of the biggest Greek Life in the Country. Southern boy Frat Stars and Juice-head bad boys can be found everywhere where the Sorostitutes and Barbie replicas are. Florida State is a huge sports school, but they are particularly know for their Football team and their in-state rivalries. FSU Seminole games are said to hold some of the loudest crowds in the nation thanks to their very own Seminole chant – every first down is complete mayhem.


Mascot: Seminole

Party Grade: A+

Undergrads: 31,851

Guys: 44%

Girls: 56%

Greek Life at FSU: Yes; Huge scene. Run the superficial social dynamic of the party scene. Status on campus and overall sex appeal are highly correlational in this beauty-obsessed sub-culture of Florida’s number one party school.

Bars/Hangouts at FSU:

The Palace

AJ’s; 1800 W. Tennessee St. Tallahassee, FL

Bullwinkle’s Saloon; 620 W Tennessee St. Tallahassee, FL

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