Former Rice University Student Arrested For Fondling Sleeping Coeds

Antoine Dodson might be needed in Texas because there’s a brand new bed intruder running around Rice University!

Nathaniel Simonette, a former Rice University student, was arrested Saturday night after being identified as the man roaming around Lovett College Dorm crawling into bed with sleeping students.

The first victim, a female student asleep in bed with her boyfriend, woke up to find another man “pulling off her clothes and kissing her breasts and buttocks.” Her screams woke up her boyfriend who then chased the intruder away.

He couldn’t have chased him too far because another female student, in the same dorm, says she woke up to find a man in her bed pulling off her underwear and fondling her. Yet again, he got chased away but not before telling his pursuers that his name was Nate. Why would he do that?

After checking the dorm’s security system, Rice University Police found that Nate Simonette, a History major who graduated from Rice three years ago, tried to use his old Rice ID card, twice that night, at the front door of the Lovett College Dorm. Police contacted him and he agreed to go to the Rice University Police station to be interviewed.

“I’m not disputing it”he said, but claimed he didn’t remember assaulting her because he “may have blacked out.”

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