Four Awesome Verified Vine Accounts

Vine has become the new way to snag your six seconds of fame. For anyone who is trying to leverage his or her self-brand, consistently maintaining a hilarious Vine is the ticket for becoming a “Vine Celebrity.” Don’t get carried away now – it’s not that easy! While “Verified Viners” (high-profile Viners) do not get paid for their shenanigans, they certainly must see an increase in business inquiries being that many use the application to publicize their talents.

With that in mind, I’m here to recommend four “Verified Viners” that are worth your subscription. Additionally, most of the people on this list are friends, work together at Collab (a YouTube development studio in LA), or have started a relationship through Vining! And if six seconds simply doesn’t cut it, you’ll be pleased to know that you can also get your fix on Instagram & Youtube.

<p style="text-align:center”>verified vine accounts fiesta frogBrittany Furlan (@BrittanyFurlan): Furlan, now known as the “Queen of Vine,” is the ultimate female comedian on Vine. Since she’s been able to master any persona she’s taken a stab at (best known for The Beekeeper and Natalie Nature), the possibilities are endless on this Vine account. She also enacts creepy pranks, such as stealing grocery carts in supermarkets, otherwise known as “Cart Jacking,” and loves to scare the crap out of her dog.

verified vine accounts fiesta frog Jessi Smiles (@jessismiles__): Jessica Vazquez, otherwise known as Jessi Smiles, was the first person in the aforesaid clan that I started following. Although she was recently “verified,” she has become a social media sensation within a matter of months. Signature antics consist of Jessi twerking,imitating rap songs, and tons of improv. If you’ve recently started following her, you’ll al

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