Fraternities & Sororities: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

In college you’ll learn how important groups (clubs) and organizations (fraternities / sororities) can be. Although there is much one can accomplish alone; a little help never hurt anyone. You can gettowhereyou want in life quicker if you know the right people. It’s finding the right network of contacts that can be challenging. College offers many opportunities to get out and mingle with people, but it’s up to the individual person to join something beneficial. Why join an agriculture RSO if you’re a IT major? I know you may have some friends in the organization or some interest in it butifit isn’t going to help you find a job, then don’t do it.Fraternities & Sororities Fiesta Frog

Fraternities & Sororities: The Good

They’re kind of a big deal. The most visible group on most campuses are the Greek letter organizations. These fraternal organizations are the foremost sources of networking. Members often serve life long commitments and remain faithful to respective chapters even after graduation.<!–more–> The good thing about fraternities and sororities is the connections. One would be surprised by the amount of affluent people who are Greek. Once one Greek reaches the top of the ladder, he usually brings others with him.

If you’re ever in a foreigncityor unfamiliar territory—if you’re in a frat— there’s a chance you’ll have brothers to provide support. Fraternities / Sororities are great for people who have trouble making friends. At this point in yourlife,

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