Georgetown Students Arrested for Ski Mask Prank at Wendy’s Drive Thru

Some people just don’t listen. Three college students at Georgetown, decided that “for a class project” they should go drive around wearing masks bandanas, and robes. The trio drove to several public places with their masks on, without speaking. The local police were alerted, and informed the group of college students that they were scaring people, so it might be a good idea to drop the masks.

The students, two of them play football at Georgetown, decided to ignore the police request and continue on with their “project”. Later in the night, they pulled up to a Wendy’s drive thru and scared the clerk to the point that she called the police on them, again. “They were disguising their voice and making some pretty rude comments,” said Capt. Robert Swanigan. “Then, as the car pulls to the window, the clerk that is going to take their money sees they are wearing a mask, can’t see their face, so she freaks completely out and dials 911.”

Police arrested 19-year-old Dylan Render and Devon Turner and 20-year-old Phillip Wilkins, and charged them with menacing and disorderly conduct Monday night.

Doesn’t seem like the prank was funny enough to avoid arrest. Sucks to be them! Don’t do everything that you see on YouTube!