Get Bitcoins NOW by donating to a Bitcoin Start-up | Bitcoin Will Reach $1 Million

These young Bitcoin gurus are willing to give Bitcoins to the people that are donating to their campaign for helping them out.

You better donate QUICKLY before they get all the funds they need.

Bitcoin We are still in a time of “Taxation without Representation”! Bitcoin is a very secure currency that gives you your privacy when conducting online transaction, it is finite and will change the world because it can be used around the world. Basically, with enough help it can become the one world currency. Bitcoin is the fastest growing currency ever and is approaching the price of Gold. Bitcoin will be worth $1 million dollars in a few years. Here is an article from business insider to back this theory ( ).

What We Need & What You Get

  • Currently, I need $22000 to buy an efficient Bitcoin mining rig . The mining rig will help speed up transactions in the Bitcoin network and I can distribute the coins I make to help Bitcoin start ups grow and contribute to the Bitcoin economy. I have been mining for years so I have much experience minimizing issues.
  • If you donate, I will send you a Bitcoin or Bitcoin fraction valuedat the amount of money you donated. That is fair for helping me reach my goal and should not be treated as an investment of any kind. I will also send you a personalized letter and shirt thanking you for your help.
          • If I do not get all the necessary funds, I will get a less expensive miner so I can still pursue my dream of helping the Bitcoin community.

The Impact

  • Your donation will help the mission so much. It will help build the Bitcoin community while joining the fight against corrupt financial giants.
  • Email me anytime at and we can talk about the journey towards financial freedom.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Please share this Indiegogo campaign on your Facebook, Twitter and on Indiegogo.

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