How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back | Dating Tips

Getting Ex Girlfriend Back

You lost her and now you want her back?

Here are the tips that will help you get her back. ( video help is below each section)


The No. 1 rule to any breakup is to take some time apart. I want you to promise that you will not contact her for at least two weeks.

Breakups can be emotionally draining, and you’re going to need some time to breathe, calm down and take some time to put things into a logical perspective.

Time apart will allow everything to cool down and be less emotionally charged. Plus, it gives you time to evaluate how you feel about the breakup, where things went wrong and whether or not you really want to get her back.


During these weeks away, take time to focus on you. Be single and enjoy it, and take the time to live your life free of compromise and really evaluate who you are and what you want.

Go to the gym, get a new style, go out with your friends, make new friends, pick up a hobby. There’s nothing sexier than a guy with his own life. This will help you re-establish your self-worth and get that spring back in your step.

Even though this time’s foryou, there is no harm in sampling what else may be out there in dating market —unless you’re 100% certain that you want her back. If after these two weeks of you time you still want her back, move on to the next step.


The first step to getting her back to is to really take a long minute to think about what went wrong and why she dumped you in the first place! No girl is going to take you back if you still have no clue why you broke up.

So think long and hard until you can answer the following questions:

What was she saying to you before the breakup?

Were there any signs?

Did she say why she didn’t like or love you anymore?

Of course, you can go on thinking that something simply changed in her, but most likely she had been dropping hints near the end of your relationship as to what she needs from you and what she wants to change.


If, after you take time to yourself, you still want to get back together, then it’s time to get back in touch.

Whatever method you choose, make sure to keep the message light and playful.

A message saying “We have to talk” or “I want to get back together” is way too heavy and is not going to make her eager to see you. Show her that easy, breezy version of you she knew when you first started dating.



The first time you see her post-breakup can be pretty overwhelming, but remember to keep your cool. Whether it’s been two weeks or two years, you want to keep it casual. Always meet up with her during the day for lunch or coffee, like you’re meeting a friend. Anything grand will appear needy and like you’re trying too hard to impress her.

This will make her think that you’re not sexually interested in her. Make sure to still keep it light, flirty and fun. You want to show her the guy she fell in love with, not the guy she broke up with.



If, after that first meet-up, you still want her back, then continue having casual meet-ups.

Have you noticed how I’m always advising you to check in with yourself to make sure you really want this back? A lot of men can get so wrapped up in the process of “getting her back” that they don’t stop to think about why they want their ex back. If you get her back, it means your relationship is going to go to that next level. So be sure that’s what you really want.


After several casual meet-ups, if you still feel that you want to get back together, you can tell her what you’ve learned from your weeks apart.

Tell her what you’ve realized about why you broke up, and say you’re working on things because of it. You want to show her you’ve grown and have really heard what she’s said.


After all the happy make-up sex and the getting-back-together glory haze is over, it’s time to really step up and start working on the relationship. Things you acknowledged while you were apart are now things you actually have to work on.

You want to be sure that getting back together lasts for longer than a night, so show her that you’re willing to be a better you by changing your ways. This time around, you need good communication and lot of a patience. If you have these things, I promise you that this time the relationship will last.