Get Your College Party Cleaned Up Pt 1

After a crazy party, there is always a mess. The average college partier loves to drop beer cans or bottles on the floor, not thinking to place it on the closest bar or table. Of course, you as the partyhostis responsible for the clean up and it can be a real pain in the ass. Over the years, wise partiers have thought of innovative ways of cleaning their space. Here are a few tips to get your place cleaned up in no time!


1) Get a keg and hand out one cup to everyone at the party. Giving outcanscan really cause a mess.2) If you are throwing an outdoor party, allow the closest homeless person to collect your cans. Tell him or her before hand to clean up also if he wants to keep those cans. A homeless person will agree almost instantly because he or she wants those cans. This can be one of the fastest ways to get your college or university party cleaned up, because that homeless person is trying to get to the next spot fast!3) Save a thirty rack and offer beers to anyone who helps clean on their way out. Almost every drunk college student wants a beer to leave the party with or to throw in their pockets. Tell the party, for every 10 used cups you bring to host/garbage, you get a free beer. I can’t see anyone saying no to a free beer, especially if you only have to pick up a few cups.4) Give your closest frat entrance into your party or some beer to use their pledges. Frats use their pledges like bitches and will have no problem letting you use them for some beer or some exposure to some girls.These are just some tips. We give all of them away or you won’t come back for more :) . More tips coming soon.

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