Girls Named “Molly” at Chronic Nights Parties | The Future of Project X

Chronic Nights Fiesta FrogA new promotion group Chronic nights is setting things off in a crazy way. Throwing parties like Infamous and Hammered(With CJ Milan), they’re taking over New York in ways other promotional companiescanonly imagine. There next event is said to be the start of a summer full of madness. When we asked the Chronic team about this event, this is what they had to say:

“Here at Chronic Nights we specialize in giving the people what they want. You want a cheap, fun, Chronic party? We got you covered. That’s why this Saturday we have decided to bless the people with a ChronicHouseparty. Chronic Conclave: Hosted by Bvd Kvrma x Omar Ba will be the start of the madness that is later to come this summer. This party will be located in NYC in a house that fits 300 people, this might as well be a mansion to be honest, and will have a wide range of awesome individuals that are just down to have a chronic time. Here at Chronic Nights, we love diversity so that means our party will be full of exotic people from all different corners of the world. Welcome to the new age of partying, welcome to the Chronic Age.. Welcome to Chronic Nights. “With that said, their next event will be INSANE and will be have a lot of girls named Molly and Mary Jane apparently.. Check out their next event ASAP at this link. the events are dirt cheap and you will find a way to probably hook up at the end of the night.

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