Maybe There’s A Point To Hazing?

As many of you know the process of ‘rushing’ or ‘pledging’ into a sorority or fraternity can be extreme. I am asked on a regular basis if it “is really worth it” after the hell you are put through during the pledging period. My answer is the always yes. Aside from the strong bond you gain, the awesome events, and crazy parties, you also gain a huge network for career paths and success in the future. The fact that you were a Greek society member shines very bright on a job application. It shows that you can work with others, plan events, beefficient with your time, and a multitude of other desired qualities.

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Is There A Point To Hazing?

The topic of hazing is very prevalent on collegecampuses, not exclusively in the Greek System, just yesterday Cornell’s entire Men’s Lacrosse Team was suspended for hazing! I understand that some groups take initiation and hazing too far, and end up hurting one another. However, it is a very important part of strengthening yourself and your group members. You gain relationships with people, when you go through a tough experience; much like soldiers in Basic Combat Training, and that is the point of the entire pledging process. School administrations are threatening this process more and more every year, and pushing for G-rated activities. Yeah, baking cookies and braiding each-others hair might be fun and safe, but you don’t learn somebodies true colors from that. You can only learn the inter-workings of a friend and future ‘siblings’ mind by being for

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