Grocery Shopping Tips for a College Student’s Budget

Arguably the most vital thing to human survival is sustenance. Your body is like a car; a motor vehicle needs a substance to fuel its ability to work and so do you.

In college you will find that food is extremely important to your success (and survival). Part of doing well in school is having a positive mental attitude because education is a constant uphill battle. If your body can’t function properly because you lack proper nourishment, neither will your mind. With you mind goes your concentration— i.e. your ability to learn. Your body and mind may operate separately at times but they are part of a collective whole (you).

It is easy to overlook eating properly when you have work at 7 am, class at 12, and then work again at 6 in the afternoon. But if you want to operate at full capacity it would be wise to eat as often as you can. You are in college, so I doubt you’ll be eating full course meals every time you eat— don’t worry about gaining extra weight, you’ll walk it off.

Here is a list of items for college students to buy, for the three major meals of the day, that areboth,inexpensiveanddelicious.



Eggs:Whetherthechickenorthe egg came first we may never know, but I do know that both are delicious. Eggs are a great breakfast item because they don’t come any cheaper and only take minutes to make. As a guy, I’m assuming that you can’t make eggs Benedict or any other fancy dish, but scrambled eggs are simple and taste great with cheese. Eggs are also high in protein, so you’ll have energy all day.

Bagels: As cheap as most bagels are it is amazing to me that people consider them a cultured food. But on the other hand, it’s cool to know that you don’t have to pay a lot of money to look like you are studious. Bagels are kind of universal in the sense that they are good at any time of the day. Try them with some blueberry cream cheese and see why they are a must have on my list.

Oatmeal: There is some many ways to eat oats. You can eat them dry with raisins or other fruit if you don’t like the porridge-like form. Oatmeal is a really quick meal to make and while it’s not visually appeasing, it’s all going to the same place.


You could do better...

You could do better…

Protein bar: Even if you don’t buy them in bulk, they only cost about a dollar apiece. Protein bars are packed with all types of nutritional goodness. You can find anything from peanuts and fruit to chocolate and almond butter in these bars.

Lunch meat sandwich: Traditional, but effective. You’ll save a lot of money buying sandwich meat opposed to buying a sandwich a McDonalds—you’ll also save even more calories. There are different ways to spruce up a sandwich; it doesn’t have to be a cold-cut. You can always oven-bake one from home

Fruit: You can’t eat a hearty steak every day, mostly because you can’t afford it. Also, red meat isn’t exactly healthy for you. Fruit is light and is pact with vitamins to give you energy. There is a reason why people say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. A steak a day would probably give you high cholesterol.


Pasta is your BEST FRIEND.

Pasta is your BEST FRIEND.

Pasta: The Italians are geniuses for their usage of pasta. There are so many ways to prepare this extremely cheap item. All you really need are the noodles and some pasta sauce. The additional meats, vegetables and spices are left up to you (and your budget). If you can’t make pasta, you are either an idiot or homeless.

Beans: These little guys are full of protein and don’t cost much at all. Red beans and rice is the “poor man” meal but that’s ok because they can be really tasty. Beans are very nutritional and are the main reason why vegans don’t need meat to stay healthy and strong.