GrubHub & Spoon University Report The Strange Ordering Habits of College Students

Let’s be honest, college students eat a very strange mix of food, usually at ANY hour they feel a craving come on…or the munchies…or the drunk munchies; that’s where you drank so much that you order twice what you would normally eat, thinking that you’re famished and gonna HOUSE 4 calzonies. Typically, you wake up next to a half-eaten piece of food that you don’t remember bringing home, just like your previous one night stand. Thanks to that data that GrubHub and Spoon University collected, we can now tell you exactly what strange food college students decide to consume, at hours that tend to be just as odd. During the past year, 2013-2014, the online food orders by college students had distinctive differences with the rest of the United States. As expected, college students eat an insane amount of pizza, fries, and wings. You can do that when your metabolism is functioning at an all time high! Check out the info-graphic below to see what STRANGE foods college students ate last year compared to the rest of the adult population, and be jealous of the fact that they can still eat those foods during the hours that the rest of us, mere mortals, need sleep!

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