Guide To A Girls Night In #GirlsNightOut

Fiesta frog Guide To A Girls Night In

Los Angeles is probably one of the most difficult places to go out in hands down. While maintaining an urban landscape (i.e. a shit-ton of people) it fails to provide any conveniences, which make theselandscapeseasiertonavigate (i.e. a viable public transportation system). So unless you’re a college student or are lucky enough to live walking distance from your favorite bar, Los Angeles nightlife can feel like the mission of a lifetime. Lets say, for example, your goal was to paint the town red at a Hollywood club. First, you have to figure out whose going to drive into the belly of the Hollywood Blvd. beast full of traffic (not to mention sketchy dudes driving cars way too expensive for them). Next you’ll squeeze yourself into a little dress, douse your face in makeup, and convince yourself the six-inch platform heels you’re teetering in are “not that bad”. After paying $20 for parking you’ll join the group of other scantily clad girls insisting that they know someone inside and wave your arms vigorously when the person you know emerges (I like to call this the LA nightlife version of the stock exchange). Once you’re in you’ll be amazed at how many douches can hit on you in an hour before its time to go home again. Exhausting right?

While this attempt at a raucous good time may be worth it when you need to shake that groove thang out of the house, it is essential that us women have a more “low key” alternative when we’re broke and do not feel like interacting with Douchebag McGee and his cousin “I’m in Entertaiment”. Hence the ultimate girls night in! Here are some suggestions to get the “kickin’ it” juices flowing:

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Create-A-Cocktail: While we all know that we don’t need alcohol to have a good time, it does help to liven up the party especially when no one has to drive! What I like to do with my girls is compile a bunch of cheap ingredients such as mixers, fruits, candies, garnish

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