Guide To Making Your Summer Playlist

It’s summertime that means going to the beach, having barbecues, enduring family reunions, late night bonfires and even later nights spent on Xbox. And the only thing that could go better with these activities than a nice cold beer would be a great summer playlist. But the problem is the creation of said playlist, what is allowed and what isn’t. Luckily for you I am a summer music aficionado and I am here to help you.

Remember that it’s never tacky to include the summer clichés , they’re clichés for a reason. Include as much Jack Johnson, Sublime, No Doubt and Bob Marley as you wish, the island vibes from the ska and reggae greats will certainly inspire your summertime adventures. And adventures are meant to be fun so don’t worry about the fact that some of your choices are not on the trendy end. Which really brings me to my next point, sometimes it’s best to choose the “pop” music over the indie/alt scene that you may be in. Summer is one of the times it’s okay to choose a feel good mainstream rap song over the underground polka core techno you normally listen to.

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I love Coldplay as much as the next self respecting white guy, but the summer is when you have to choose the hip-hop influenced one hit wonders that you will hate in the years to come due to repetition, it’s happened in the past and will happen again. Speaking of happening again 90’s pop songs are always a good choice for you summer mix tape. Who cares if Britney went crazy, if J Timbs became really really good looking or if the backstreet boys did something in 2011, remember them the way they were meant to be, trying to remember the chronography from their videos with your drunk friends. That’s what the summer was made for!

Overall summer is short but fun and you should always try to make the most of it, make it something to remember, and a soundtrack is just as important, you want songs that will remind you of you summer fun, summer loves and summer blunders. A soundtrack with the feeling having a summah in mind. Bring your ipod, ipad, iphone or boombox everywhere you go and make memories that will last the teat of time. Make it your own but if I may let me offer one suggestion, make sure to include Summer Girls from LFO, you won’t regret it.