Dahmer/Dobler: Guy Uses Twitter (In a Non-Creepy Way) to Find Airplane Love

Social Media has its flaws we all know but it has it’s bright spots too.  The romance begins in a typical way, 24-year old Irishman Jamie Kelly meets 27-year-old Canadian Katie Moreau on a plane from Dublin to Barcelona, Time Magazine reports. Separated during the customs process it seemed they would never see each other again.  It looked like their relationship was going to be that of “A single serving friend” to quote fight club.

Jamie did not give up.  He asked his mates to help him launch a #findkatie Twitter Campaign. Using both the #findkatie and #loveatfirstflight Kelly found Moreau.  As of today they have not been reunited but are planning to soon!  AWWW! Ain’t love grand!  Here’s wishing the two lovebirds good luck!