Spring Break: Which Friends Should You Bring?

Honestly, all of your friends weren’t created equally. Some of them are douches, some are jerks, some are too good for you but they are the people you have grown to love and respect. While you want to be a good person (or not) and show equal attention to all, you realize that you have more fun with some than others.

Spring Break is meant for entertainment and enjoyment, not babysitting your friend’s insecurity issues.

Here is a list of some of the people you should and shouldn’t take with you for weekend excursions.

Don’t Bring These Friends:

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The “I’m still pining over my ex” friend: You want to help this friend recover so much because we’ve all been there and it sucks. It is a situation that seems devoid of any positivity and people usually fall into the depths of despair because of it. This is not the type of person you want to be around on the time you get from a dreary workload. You can do things in the week to help this person get over a past lover, but you don’t have to sacrifice your weekend for it. Sometimes it’s best to leave this friend alone for a while because misery truly lovescompany.

The friend who can’t hold his liquor: If you are in your twenties there is a big possibility that most of your weekend entertainment will involve alcohol. The No. 1 killer of fun is trouble and a friend who becomes the incredible bulk after a drink or two will have no regard for civility. The last thing you want is to get kicked out of the bar with all the cute lady people because your friend had the “courage” to test a bouncer.

The “downer” friend: If you don’t take downers to go out and rage, why would want to bring a downer friend with you on a night you said you were looking to do any and everything? This type of friend seems to be negative about every situation or venue. How can you have fun when your friend is reading (verbatim) all the bad reviews on Yelp about a bar you frequent? Fun is about positivity and living in the moment, downers are about the opposite (and the apocalypse). Don’t leave the downer friend with the friend who is still scarred from his previous relationship, you may lose a friend that night.


Bring these Friends:

The “old money” friend: Some people just have more wealth than others; this is your time to take advantage of that. Your friend who has “overgenerous” parents has the means to put you in the best position to have a great night. Just stress the importance and/or potential of the event. Money isn’t an issue to people that have loads of it but you should be respectful and not ask for “rapper in a strip club” type money.

The attention hog friend: Attention fiends usually get a bad rap. However, an attention hog doesn’t necessarily fish for attention; sometimes people are just drawn to this person. Whether it is his looks, charm or accolades, people just want to be around this guy. Use that to your advantage. He is only one person so you can “distract” all the women he isn’t engaged with. This friend also has a great network and can get you into some exclusive places and situations.

The “spontaneous” friend: This person is a walking fun bomb waiting to explode. While every minute with this friend isn’t euphoria, the spontaneous one will have random (and possibly timely) ideas that turn out to be great. This friend is always down for some adventure time and will support you even when your ideas are less than spectacular.