How To Avoid A Hangover 41 Hangover Cures  What To Do & What Not To Do

Hangovers are often the absolute WORST in college. For starters, college is where one will come across the resources to consume free alcohol, mixed alcohols, or massive quantities of alcohol, and stillbe acting within socially acceptable behavior. Also, college hangovers, especially for those of you (us!) still living in a dorm room, are absolutely terrible. We don’t have our own beds to be miserably nauseous in, our own toilets to blow chunks in, or an accessible sink for that morning-after-drinking water that, even though it’s just lousy tap water, tastes as if it has been pissed out of God himself. Sothatbrings me to my next point, what to do and what NOT to do to nurse a good ole fashioned college hangover.  


  • Drink plenty of water- (Duh) It’s important to rehydrate your body the next day, dehydration will only worsen your hangover, and can lead to worse things, but if you feel like eating or drinking anything what-so-ever will make you sick then sip slowly and cautiously.. Just trust me water will only help. If you wake up next to somebody don’t be ashamed to grab a water bottle on their nightstand or sneak off to the bathroom. Hell, I always make sure I do fluids ASAP, people.
  • Get something in your stomach- People often joke about needing greasy food immediately upon waking up after they have been drinking all night, but that’s just their still-drunk mentality, or cravings, not what their body actually needs after a night of “shots, shots, shots, shots, shots.” Again, your digestive system will be dehydrated and completely upset with you after you consume larger amounts of alcohol, so actually while your hungover a bland diet is best. In order for your body to absorb the alcohol and help curb nausea try starchy foods like bread/toast, rice, and crackers. Some fatty foods the next day will be OK, just stay away from dairy.
  • Sit the fuck down- A hangover will give you a headache, oftentimes will make you nauseous, and also, because while heavily intoxicated people do not reach the REM stage or the deep sleep stage of their slumber, will make you very sleepy. You will probablynot want

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