Harlem Woman Sues Doctor For Testing Her For HIV

Have you ever gone to the doctor and heard some news that you really weren’t looking to hear? You know, the kind where you go in for a broken wrist and they end up taking the hand type of thing? (I don’t think that really happens…in America!!) Well if you’re anything like our Jane Doe from Harlem, you sued the SHIT out of that doctor!

Yes way Kitty, Yes way!!

According to an article on DNAinfo.com, a Harlem woman is suing a Brooklyn doctor because he tested her for HIV. Apparently, she is suing him because she believes that he violated New York state law by testing her without her consent. From what I’ve gathered she had gastric bypass surgery and went to see Dr. Pavel Yustis to receive help with a Vitamin B12 deficiency. Long story, short, she said she wasn’t willing to have her blood tested for HIV. Two weeks later, during a follow-up appointment, one of the good doctor’s assistants informed her that they needed more blood for additional testing. It turned out that she was actually HIV positive, and now she is pissed the FUCK off!

Quote of the article: “I was tricked. I never signed any paper,” the woman, who filed her lawsuit as “Jane Doe” to protect her privacy, told DNAinfo.com last week. “It was a slap in the face.”

Really? A slap to the face? That’s pretty light, no? If someone told me, and was certain of it after reading my blood test, that I have HIV it would probably feel like a Chuck Norris roundhouse to the junk, as Bruce Lee one-inch punches my nasal bones into my brain!! Despite all that, it is fucking crazy that this woman is more concerned about suing this doctor for telling her about a serious problem she is facing, because she’s too concerned with looking “slim and trim and sexy,”! A slap to the face might be a little light compared to what someone might do if they unknowingly got HIV from her.

Her PEMDAS (order of operations) was all screwy…literally. I say she should’ve taken the test in the first place, and she would’ve realized that she was already due for some major weight loss. Seriously people…get checked!! Those rockin’ seven minutes of pleasure aren’t worth it!



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