The Hook Up Truck | Get Freaky on The Go

hook up truckEver tell a couple who is making out in public to get a room? Well, now they can get off the street and get freaky in the privacy of their very own truck. The luxuries of the Hookup Truck are available for pre-reservation, and can even be requested for immediate dispatch via a mobile app when things  are getting extra hot in the pantalones region. Think of this baby as a hotel on wheels with everything you need in it to get down and dirty. Do you like it hot or cold? This truck has temperature control. Need some birth control? This truck will hook you up! You and your significant other (or one night stand floozie) can even begin your adult film careers by employing the video recording option on the Hook Up Truck.

Worried about catching the clap from previous users? Don’t be! The owner and artist Spy Emerson says, “The room is designed with cleanliness in mind. I’ve created a very minimalist room. Everything is wiped down and cleaned before and after every person. It’s probably cleaner than the BART or any public toilet you’ve used.” The bed is as clean as a toilet? Meets my standards. Definitely won’t wrap it up.

I’d be worried about catching more than the clap from this truck. I don’t know about you, but I could also get a few freaks on Halloween and take their picture in front of a Uhaul and call it art or a business. It looks like the only party going on in there is a bunch of freaks and maybe John Candy and his band from Home Alone. Not really the group I want to swap fluids with. This lady can call her truck art as much as she wants and dream about attracting normal people to her service, but it looks to me like this bus is just a sideshow orgy on wheels that will make you walk away scratching more than your head.

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