Hot Women Of Mysteryland USA | #MLUSA

We got the chance to attend Mysteryland USA last month, the first music festival held at Bethel Woods (the place your mom probably claims to have smoked weed for the first time) since the original Woodstock. On Saturday it was rainy but everyone powered through to crowd the various stages and catch some of their favorite djs playing at the iconic site. On Sunday, clear skies and more of the same. you know what didn’t change either day? The incredibly hot women!

It’s no secret that guys like going to music festivals, in part, because they get to enjoy attractive women wearing sexy outfits. One of the other reasons is the chance to potentially get up the nerve to dance with one of them. With that said, we were surprised that no one paid homage to the beautiful women,and their sexy outfits, that attended the Memorial Day Weekend festival!

Personally, I can’t stand such an injustice, and there’s really only one way to correct it. So, for your viewing pleasure we give you the hottest women of Mysteryland USA!

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