House Parties

House PartyAt we realize that one of the staples of an enjoyable college experience is attending house parties. The good news is, that in college towns and cities across America, the party is alwaysgoing. Someone else is just as bored as you and decided to throw a party, the issue is finding them. In Syracuse the house partiers enjoy loud music into the early hours of the morning. In New York City a house party might just be a small gathering of friends pregaming before going out to hit a local bar special, or it can be a loud rooftop partywherepartiers are taking a break to look up at the beautiful skyline. Having a house party in Philadelphia can be an all day event, or a night time bash. Sure the scenery may be different, the clothes may be strange, and the antics…just a little off the wall. However, these are the moments people remember most fondly when they reminisce about their college manages to keep the house parties you have been invited to as well as the bar specials and concerts going on near you organized andeasily

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