How To Actually Pick Up A Girl At A Party | A Party Girl’s Perspective

Fellas; proceed to read and you will thank me forever (or for however much longer it is that you are single and picking up potential mates at parties and bars). And ladies, make sure you read on as well.I can tell you in this article how he should be effectively catching your attention at parties, so next time your unsure whether or not to give in to his moves think back to the do’s n’ don’ts demonstrated here and hopefully you will feel more confident with saying yes, (or no!).

Ok guys, you see an attractive girl across a crowded room ataparty and you instantly know you’d like to go hit on her. You turn to your best guys for approval and they give you the “go for it bro” head nod. Now how should you proceed to go pick her up?1) First things first, do not chug whatever alcohol is in your hand, for “liquid courage”. We chicks understand that at parties one will be drinking and even potentially drunk, but no girl likes to get hit on, by a sloberring, slurring or obviously intoxicated guy, no matter how cute he is.
Instead: Saunter over with a half cup and make sure you sip casually as you talk to her, don’t chug or gulp, it makes us feel as if you are only talking to us because of how under the influence you are, or that you won’t remember our encounter the next day.

On that same note about drinking while picking up girls, be casual about our drinking as well. We like it when you are attentive, but not pushy. If you see that we are low on our drink absolutely offer to grab us another, even if we just met that polite effort will be a mental “point!” won by you. On the other hand though, if we say we are good, or don’t need another drink that minute, accept it! Don’t be pushy or forceful with alcohol, it’s a huge red flag for us.

2) Next relevant pick-up tip I have for y’all is, to never lead with your “ins” such as Greek life ties. If your at a party in a specific frat house, it’s kind of implied that you are eitherin
that house, or friends with someone who is. It’s totally fine to put your relation to the house in your intro, but guys that only can talk about their frat lives, frat parties and blackouts with their “brothers” are seen by many females as substance-less. Unfortunately, once again, looks can only go so far. We want to know who you are, but it’s imperative that you ask things about us as well! Aside from the obvious question, “so what house are you in”, or the even worse “What, why didn’t you rush!?!”.

When you walk up to a pretty girl at a party she likes when you show interest in her (obviously), so ask questions about her major/school life, etc. If possible, BE FUNNY! Personally, I have an absolute weakness for wit and guys who can crack jokes. But, you dudes gotta understand that if you know you aren’t the funniest person, DO NOT attempt humor. No joke, is better than a bad or crude joke. If thats the case, win her over with good ole fashioned charm and sweetness.

3) Lastly, for now, I want to leave with one final piece of advice for guys attempting to pick up a lady in bigger parties or black-light parties; if there is dancing going on, more times than not she isn’t going to dance with you, if you just walk up to her and start grinding. Ask first, Hell act shy for all we care, or get some, sort of non-verbal ok. Legit, 90% of my girlfriends agree that we don’t like grinding with random guys, it is uncomfortable and awkward to get out of. Touch her arm, smile, and maybe she’ll want to!

Ok, there were three or four very valid bits of advice! So, for now, I’ll let those sink in. We’ll meet back here soon with more tips of the trade. Comment below and share on your personal pages! The more well-apt you guys are at this, the more fun had by all!


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