How To: Be a Good College Roommate

Even if you grew up with siblings, sharing a living space with someone can be difficult and scary. How do you know this person isn’t a deranged killer or psychopath? Well you picked him (or not) as a roommate and your stuck with him. Being a good roommate is about compromise. If the two of you can meet 50-50 on things, then you will be at least able to tolerate each other. It’s not about actually liking each other and being best pals, but being deferential and mindful.

Here are some tips to help you live in harmony.

Bad, roommate,

Not like THIS!!

Divvy the chores: At home, mom usually does most of the cleaning. Well welcome to adulthood bruh, mommy’s not around anymore. Remember all those dishes you would leave on you bedroom counter when u were little that seemed to pick themselves up in the morning? Don’t expect that to happen when you move out of your parent’s home. If you want to keep the peace within your apartment or dorm, makes sure to split the cleaning duties. If you don’t like dishes, replace that with an equally taxing duty; like the bathroom. Be fair and equal, the last person you want upset with you is someone you live with.

Be judicious with the music volume: I’m a guy that loves blasting music at insanely high levels. Luckily my roommate is the same way. Unfortunately, not everyone has this type of living partner. If you like to do homework with music playing, keep if down if your roommate asks. It sucks to not be able to hear those crazy bass drops but sacrifice runs two ways. Your roommate would be more apt to sacrifice watching the food network so that you can watch First Take on ESPN.

Sharing is caring: I’m a moocher. I like using stuff that doesn’t belong to me from time to time. However, I always share and replace what i borrowed. This is the relationship that my roommate have, but you must establish the ground rules for sharing in your household. Some people don’t want ANYONE touching their Cinnamon Toast Crunch or apple juice. Respect that because I’ve seen people spaz out for a lot less than that.

Guests?: the biggest divider between roommates is each other’s friends and company. You may not like your roomie’s friends but they probably don’t like yours either. But you two have to coexist so make sure your company is respectful and orderly. They get to leave at the end of the night; you don’t.

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