How to “Bum” or Ask for a Cigarette at a College Party | Bumming a Cigarette

Ever had a nicotine fit? Did you ever need to quench that urge for cigarettes? Many college and university students have that feeling often . Some college students just smoke when they are drunk and some of them smoke all the time, but everyone has hit those hard times when they don’t have anymore cigarettes or black & milds to puff on. This is the time when you have to go to your fellow smokers and “bum” a cigarette.

Bumming a cigarette is common and every smoker has done it before. “Bumming a cig” is when you ask someone for a cigarette. Some college smokers make it a habit and carry around empty boxes, bumming cigarettes to build their own packs for later. And some college smokers are a bit more conservative, “bumming” only when utterly necessary. Either way, it can be embarrassing when you are denied, so follow the tips below to make sure you aren’t. Here are some tips to bring up your success rate:
1) Ask politely and express urgency. Not to urgent like a straight up bum but use words like ” please” or express your need for a cig. You need a cigarette, not a home, so don’t act homeless!

2) When asking, ask like a business man. Bring up money! Say something like ” How much would you want for a cig”. Most of the time they will just give it to you because they can sense the urgency and the fellow smoker has been in your shoes before. After all, who wants to pay for a cigarette.

3) If you are with a girl, have her do it. Guys are suckers for when girls ask for things, so have a fellow female friend do the deed.

4) Target the person with a full pack in their hands. If you see a person just lighting a cigarette with a full pack in their hands, that’s the prime target. They cant say they don’t have any or that they are down to their last one. If you really want to bring up your success rate at this point, use step 2 and 3 together for the ultimate bumming experience.

5) If you can, target a foreign student. They are always trying to spread the love and sometimes fit in with the other Americans. They rarely say no. But sometimes they will switch up their language, acting like they do not know English. This is when you whip out the English-to-whatever dictionary lol.

6) If worse comes to worst , just ask for a drag. A drunk smoker will let you have a drag or even offer you a cigarette.


Always remember to say thank you or nice things such as “God bless”. You might need to bum again some day. And if you have a full pack, spread the love, because in the world of cigarette smokers and “bums”, karma is a bitch!

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