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girl halloween costume femaleIt’s Halloweekend, motherfuckers! In case you haven’t noticed, campus has been buzzing with parties. The best part? We get to run around in crazy ass costumes and get drunk. Yup, that’s right. It doesn’t get much better than this. Now, as a girl, I’m well aware I have the option to be basically anything I want: fireman, nurse, dinosaur, a superhero, etc….so long as I put the word “sexy” in front of it. For any ladies who aren’t looking to spend $50 on a pre-packaged costume, here’s all the elements you need:

      1. Short skirt/low cut dress. Doesn’t matter what you’re going as,nothingemphasizes the “sexy” in “sexy fireman” than a little bit of cleavage.
      2. Knee high socks. Not only are these really cute, but they will help keep you warm while walking from party to party! I have a great pair of thigh-highs from American Apparel that are heavy-knit and keep my legs super warm, and because they’re not obnoxiously striped or anything, I can actually wear them all season long instead of just one weekend out of the whole year.
      3. Some form of headband. Whether it’s a pair of animal ears, a tiara, or a pair of antenna with sparkles, headwear will always help identify your costume – helps differentiate between the angels & the nurses, the cats & the French maids, etc
      4. Something sparkly/metallic/sequined. Nothing grabs attention like something shiny! Most girls opt for metallic skirts or tube tops for emphasis.
      5. High heels. What else would you walk around Euclid in, comfortable walking shoes? This is HALLOWEEN we’re talking about!
There you have it! This “sexy Batgirl” costume is the perfect example: the knee-high boots, the tight and shiny fabric, the mask, and the short dress all make it the ideal costume for any girl.
For everyone else, here’s a pretty epic game of Bingo you can play while walking between parties:
Party on, ‘Cuse!

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