How To Distinguish “Party Music” | What is Party Music?- EDM

Aside from alcohol, music is an essential part of any party. Parties without music are like CPU’s without cooling fans. The CPU will boot up, but will eventually lose its cool and will breakdown. If a worth while party is desired, music must be presented since it won’t present itself. However, musical tastes are ambiguous, and I hope you do not take it in such vague fashion. The ambient sounds of Earth could definitely be classified as music but there are not many people who would fancy forest/beach ambiance at a party. When music is mentioned to be an essential factor of a party, it is generally meant that the music holds an up-tempo, bassy, bright sound. A sound that makes people want to dance, or encourages them to move along with the rhythm or beat. If you are not on the up-tempo side of the spectrum, it is ideal that you provide at least mid-tempo sounds. Lounge music would be ideal for this circumstance.

party music

This however should not change your views on what makes ideal party music, but should encourage you to find the right sound for the certain party atmosphere. As a host you know (or least hopefully know) everyone who is attending your shindig. These guests, being your friends, should hold similar music tastes as you do and should for the most part indulge in the same type of artists. You should always play what the majority of your guests are more inclined to hear. Of course this varies but the host should have a general sense of this particular matter. If you find that you are not musically in tune with the people in your circles than perhaps you should find a close friend who is and have them run the audio. If such a person does not exist, you should ask your guests if they would like to volunteer and play some of their own music. This way if the general audience dislikes what they are hearing, they are more inclined to say so since it is not the host they are speaking to. If all else fails, you could open up your internet browser and head on over to Pandora and create a new station called party music. Hopefully you will get some pretty good suggestions.