How to Have Sex in College | Sex Tips and Advice

get laid in college“How do you get laid ?”is probably the question that people think about the most , but NEVER ask! Alot of people dont know how to have sex in college.The reason most people don’t ask is because theyareafraid that they will look like a loser. You shouldn’t worry though! A bunch of college students have a problem having sex in college and its a common problem…among geeks, dorks and ugly trolls …lol just kidding. But seriously, you must have sex in college. If you don’t get laid in college, you truly will be a dork and eventually youwilllook back on your college days with utter shame. Don’t be a loser dork and start learning how to get laid if you have a problem doing so. There are plenty of beautiful, slutty and easy college girls or college guys around that are looking for the same thing you are.Even if you are getting laid occasionally, you should watch this video to pick up new tips on how you can improve your game. Guys and girls talk about sex all the time, so think about this video as one of those guy or girl friends. Having sex is very important to your physical and mental health, so not having sex while you are in college is probably not healthy. Also, guys…its not healthy to “choke your chicken” all the time. You are simulating a healthy activity by masturbating frequently and not actually exercising. Anyway, watch the video because it is on point and kind of funny. After that, practice your game. It is healthy to have sex .


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