How To Make A Solid Cup Of Jungle Juice

I want to talk about the garbage can in the corner of a party filled with that odd colored mystery liquid. It’s chunky and so potent you can smell it from the other side of the room. No one knows what’sreallyinit and everyone’s afraid to ask. All you know is that they say there’s copious amounts of alcohol in it and you can’t taste a damn drop. It’s the one and only crowd favorite that’s named after the animal-like behavior drinker’s exhibit subsequent to consuming the potent drink – jungle juice.

jungle juice

The key to a solid vat of jungle juiceis:1.Buy the cheapest alcohol (Once it’s all mixed together you don’t know what you’re drinking anyway and you’re saving big bucks. There’s a lot of alcohol in this juice. Nobody wants to pay for that expensive shit.)2. Find a CLEAN vat/garbage can/tupperware (Keyword here is clean. The only thing floating in the juice should be fruit)
3. Start slow and taste as you go. Mix a little bit of everything and taste it. Once you’re satisfied pour the rest in and adjust and tweak to get to that perfect, sweet taste that everyone loves. It’s all about thegive and go.
4. Soak the fruit in alcohol over night and freeze it. It’ll be the perfect fruity addition to your juice.
5. Feel free to add more alcohol as you go, but remember to add the same amount of juice.
6. If you wanna get real classy, make sure everyone has an umbrella in their drink. Always gotta be festive.Also called Hunch

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